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May 10, 2011

Manifesto of a hysterical woman [argument for overthrowing the government, its the best thing for them really]

Burning awareness of the social injustices that marble documented social history like the fattiest cut of meat foul my taste for society with their pungent rotten stink.  Second class citizenship is a status symbol of the worst kind.  I can only imagine that it exists solely for those of us disgusted or afflicted by it to overturn by any means necessary; it is a function of the decay of sovereignty.  It elucidates the concept that governance can only exist in and proliferate a state of dysphasia, which can be cured only by a beheading of the state itself.  Furthermore I’d like to propose the removal of the silver spoons from the mouths of the imposing tyrants and use them to scoop their discriminating eyes from their cranial casings and feed to them their own inhuman view on silver platters.

The ruling of the many by the few is the system that has always prevailed as the mechanism of social order yet has always failed to engender happiness and satisfaction for the majority of society.  It’s high time, I would argue, that the many give a display of what the ocean can do to an overbearing beach.  ‘Rise up water molecules and wash away the boundaries that confine us!  Unite and blanket terra firma with our natural power; destroy our insufficient dysfunctional systems and enact our own new autonomous environment.’.  The human tribe, the interconnected mortal force working and living, fed and sheltered.  We can sustain, we have the technology all we need is the cooperative motivation.  In order to achieve this we need a way to rid our selves of the limitations of division via intolerance.  Intolerance is become a tool for pitting large groups of people against each other if the there is intolerance there is no unity, if there is no unity there can be no cooperation and at that point we’ve sunk into module lives separate and content to subsist just as we are told to; in debt, at work, at war, struggling, in need, forced to commit to the prescribed lifestyle and set of values or be without.  We’ve been corralled into the slaughterhouse lifestyle by the innovation of the token economy system.  We have lived this way for so long that deviation has masked itself as death.  Each day we line up in the herd and go to work so we can earn our tokens, which we will later exchange for food and shelter and other lesser imperatives; commodities and trivial material happinesses.  This is what we have been reduced to.  We are human beings, a creature of ingenuity; intelligence, perseverance, individuality and we are being squashed into prefabricated lives in order to fulfill the requirements of a system led by men completely abstracted from our sanctioned existences.  They cannot know what is best for us because they do not know what it is to be us.  They have worn out their welcome and become like last year’s technology, forced by their own design into obsolescence.